"That we all                    
          may be one

                John 17:21

Volunteer Programs


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  • Group of youth-volunteers

Formed more than 37 years ago the group of youth-volunteers currently existst of more than 40 young people between the age of 15 and 25 years, meeting every monday. In the group we're working to achieve responsable leadership, mature attitude and self-confidence.

We start and end every meeting with a prayer and by talking about a passage of the bible.

  • Group of adult-volunteers

Since 15th juny 2015 the group of adult-volunteers is working to support the work of the YMCA Costa Rica.
The group is supporting the YMCA an all parts of our work, such as child and youth welfare and activities for the benefit of our cummunity.

  • Volunteer for one day

Formed in the year 2015 this group consists of all the people that like to be volunteers in our organisation but can't assists at one of our other volunteer programs due to their work or studies.

As the other groups they are supporting the work of the YMCA Costa Rica in all areas.

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" Para que Todos Seamos Uno "

del Evangelio de Juan, capítulo 17, versículo 21.

Se refiere claramente al esfuerzo de la ACJ/YMCA de trabajar por la unidad de todos los cristianos.​

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 "Para que todos

             seamos uno."

Juan 17:21